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Roofing technology has made tremendous strides since the
asphalt shingle was introduced in the early 1900s.

Oxnard Roofing Construction Corp is a licensed and insured contractor providing new roofs, re-roofs, asphalt, slate, shake and flat roofing services

Are you are experiencing leaks, worn and brittle shingles, shingle granules in your gutter or just feel that its time to get a new roof

Roofing Oxnard California

We all want a roofing service thats honest and evaluates a roofs condition on the familys needs and not with theirs. Oxnard roofing provide a secure and safe roofing service of superior quality for the people of Oxnard thats based on expert workmanship and high quality services for both residential and commercial homes and buildings. The fact that site name is providing roofing services not only makes people of Oxnard feel secured but also happy knowing that they have someone that can provide the most comprehensive roof repair services. If roof repair services are done in a timely essence can lower monthly heating greatly and save quite a bit of money in the long run. Site name is trusted through the Oxnard area as one of the most trusted roof repairers. Thanks to our highly experienced contractors that are knowledgeable about all kinds of roof homeowners throughout the Oxnard area know that we specialize in durable and high quality residential roof repairs and business owners know we provide only premium commercial roof repairs.

We are the leading the leading roof repairers and installers of roofs in Oxnard and are accepted as the best by its people. Repairing your roof early on can have a lots of benefits, you must take action before a small leak leads to major damage, imagine water enters a crack through your roof and falls on or gets absorbed into the walls and costs major issues. Moisture can seep into your insulation, walls, ceilings, electrical outlets and even in all your furniture and belongings through a roof that needs repairs. It is undesirable as it can develop into unhealthy mold and cause damage not just to your belongings but also to your health. In case of any of these you should turn to our services immediately and get your roof repaired:
Cracked or buckling shingles.
Dips In The Roof
Shingle pieces found around your house.
Shingle pieces found in your eaves trough.
It may be hard for an amateur to pin point exactly whats wrong with the roof but you dont have to worry about that when were around. Just pick up your phone and give us a call and we will send one of our contractors to do a thorough search of whats wrong with your roof. If its something minor like a leak or some broken tiles they can be fixed hyena and there. In case of a major project we can send a contractor to do a free evaluation of the project and give you the details of our services that are mostly sure to please you. All roofs have a limited time of use and once that expires they have to be replaced, thats Just how things are. Yes replacing a roof can be quite expensive but with our consultation services we guide you through step by step to make sure you make the right decisions and dont regret your actions. After you find a roof you want installed with our roof installation service we will deliver a flawless installation service that is sure to add your name to our long list of happy clients. So what are you waiting for request a free quote now.
At our roofing Contractor in Oxnard we strive to do our bit for the environment.
We use the fuel efficient Sprinter vans as part of our repair and install fleet. For estimates and pre installation job site measuring we use the Prius same day repair. All our old roofing, same day install parts and roofing are broken down and recycled. We try to recycle everything possible, even packaging material from new products. We are committed to making Roofing Oxnard California a better pace for its residents.
We offer excellent Roofing Oxnard CA replacement services as well service as well. It is because we offer such a vast variety of Roofing Oxnard CA services in Oxnard CA .that we are considered to be the best ROOFING contractor in town. Our installers are licensed and insured. For 25 years, we have been roofing Oxnard with honesty and integrity.Roofing Oxnard is a Oxnard-based family-owned and operated business serving the Oxnard We provide custom exterior solutions, with a detailed personalized approach to each project. We pride ourselves on providing quality building code compliant workmanship at reasonable rates. Our credentials include full licensing and liability insurance which protects our clients, employees and ensures peace of mind.
Our Services include
Shingles Architectural Fiberglass and standard 3 tab design
Flat roofing 2ply and multi-ply torched down membranes
Repairs shingles, flat roofing, eavestroughing /aluminum, skylights etc.
Carpentry flat roof re-sloping, structural repairs/re-inforcing/re-sheathing
Insulation Roofing Oxnard CA cellulose, Fiberglass, air sealing and Ridgid Foam
Eavestroughing 5 & 6 seamless aluminum and Leafguard coverings
Aluminum - Soffits, fascia, siding and custom capping/sheet metal work
Skylight repairs, replacement and new installs (glass and acrylic units)
Ventilation - shingle roof vents, ridge venting, gable louver vents and soffit eaves venting
Chimney & Brick repairs, replacement and tuckpointing

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Mkr. and Mrs. Ryder, Oxnard
Angies List Verified Review
My husband and I are very pleased with the results! When Tom, the owner, came to give us an estimate, he listened to what we wanted done and did not pressure us as other Contractors had attempted to do. It was clear to us from the beginning that Tom is an experienced Contractor and that providing excellent workmanship is his uppermost priority.Read more.



Lisa C., Oxnard
Angies List Verified Review
Went well. Provider contacted me ahead of time, and we reviewed what needed to be done. Worker showed up on the scheduled date and performed the work. Provider followed up by sending me email with photo report of problem areas & work done, and we discussed the work over the phone. I am very satisfied with Oxnard Roofing's work

Read more.



Danny C., Oxnard
Angies List Verified Review
Went well. Provider contacted me ahead of time, and we reviewed what needed to be done. Worker showed up on the scheduled date and performed the work. Provider followed up by sending me email with photo report of problem areas & work done, and we discussed the work over the phone. I am very satisfied with Oxnard Roofing's work

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